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KOTF 12: The Dakota Unity Ride

This episode of Keepers of the Flame is perhaps our most important show to date in terms of its message. It focuses on the Unity Ride and their travels in 2013 through Connecticut, as well as the Corn Festival in Beacon NY, on their way to the United Nations. The story of the return of Alfred Afraid of Hawk's remains is also featured. As so many people have come together in donating video for this show, there will be two shows later to cover both stories. This is a story that must be told, and must be heard. The 2013 ride is one of four, and they will return to Connecticut in 2014.

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"We are trying to reconcile, unite, and make peace with everyone . . . to be Dakota means to walk in peace and harmony with every living thing"
~ Lakota spiritual leader, Jim Miller.

The First Nation Dakota People of Manitoba Canada are brought their Unity Riders to New York and Connecticut this past July and August. They rode to spread a message of peace and healing throughout the entire world. This epic journey covered thousands of miles from Canada to New York State, reaching millions of people. The riders arrived in Albany on July 27 where they for the first time in history, united with the East Coast Nations. They joined the Two Row Renewal Campaign for opening ceremonies and traveled together down the Hudson Valley on land and river. The Haudenousaunee launched their canoes the following day as the horses made their way overland. Many communities along the river hosted events giving the public an opportunity to meet these great ambassadors of peace and join them in celebration. Their journey culminated in NYC at the United Nations on August 9 where the International Code for Sacred Sites was presented.

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Clan Mother Shoran Piper
This show is the result of many hands, and many hearts. What began as an event with a chance to record became something much greater as a number of us were somehow 'called' to play our own role in this spiritual message.

Of course, thank you to our little crew and good friends who served as crew - Pam Hallas, Pearl Slaughter, Lee Mashensky, Jean Hislop, and Judy Mitchell.

Thank you at all the Unity Riders! Please visit their web site at Special thanks to Chief Gus High Eagle, Travis Mazawasicuna, Tyrone Chaske, Logan Owatch, and Douglas Gladue

Thank you to Clan Mother Shoran Piper of the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe for all her help and narration in the show.
Three Spirits

Thank you to Robert Young for all his help in both speaking and contributing video and photos. Thank you to his wife Mary Jo Young (MJ Photos) for all her fine work.

Thank you also to Three Spirits, Wendell Deer With Horns, and Ed Sarabia the Indian Affair Coordinator for the DEP.

Upstate Moving Images - Thank you very much to Justin Martinez for permitting us to use one of your documentary trailers as our introduction. They do fine work, so be sure to check them out.

Howard Polley - Thank you for permitting us to use your footage of the Danbury ceremony.

Mojo Place - Thank you for permitting us to use you footage of the Newtown Ceremony.

Christopher Booth - Thank you for the footage of the Wooster Cemetary.

Phil Davis - Thank you for the footage of the Red Tailed Hawk.

Christina Rose - Thank you for all your wonderful photos - your love shows.

Kenneth Fay - Thank you for your photographs of Newtown and the horse guard.

'All My Relations' by Ulali
Used with permission.

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