Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update: New Shows are Coming!

Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth and Chief Gus High Eagle
Photo by Jean Hislop
While the old shows are being re-edited/reformatted and some new material has been added, two new ones are in process right now. Our first new show of 2013 was the Zanoni Silverknife interview, the next two new ones feature The Unity Ride and Wendy Rule. The new shows are more complex, and take much longer to edit and piece together, fusing music, video footage, and photography together. All this is being done on limited studio time, and most of my learning of the software is being done on the fly. With this and thanks to the new camcorder, shows will continue to improve. The shows take an enormous amount of work, as well as the cooperation and skill of many others beyond our little team. Some are contributing for future shows already. Please be patient, as my own personal health issues will take time to resolve, and they have been holding me back on this as well as other projects.

If you have music videos, video pieces, or interviews (from anywhere in the world) and would like to submit them to the show for broadcast, please submit them to us on DVD with a release to:

Panthean Temple
POB 111
Derby CT 06418

Coming to our area? Please schedule an interview with us. Daytime in the studio during weekdays is usually available. If you are an Elder, author, leader, musical or visual artist we may want to speak with you. Sorry, but we are no longer accepting phone interviews unless they are videotaped on your end as well - you will have to make arrangements with us.

We will be looking for area sponsors for 2015. In accordance to federal law, you can bring Keepers of the Flame to your local public access station FREE on cable, even if you are not a cable subscriber. It can be in any state, and all that is required is signed paperwork.

Photo by Jean Hislop
 Please write us at if you are interested in any of the above

Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth
Producer KOTF
Priestess, President Panthean Temple

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