Thursday, February 21, 2013

KOTF 2: Lecture by Lady Maxine Sanders

Here is our second edited episode available on YouTube in SD. New HD versions will be added to Vimeo soon at  Enjoy!

Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth

KOTF 2: Lady Maxine Sanders
Lady Maxine Sanders, founding Alexandrian High Priestess, shares with us with her lecture on 'Initiation.' Recorded at our Beltaine: A Pagan Odyssey festival.

Videos Animus, Deep within Forest, and Horses by the amazing Wendy Rule,, filmed by Philip Defarik of Digital Magic Media

Both were recorded at our Beltaine: A Pagan Odyssey festival.

Keepers of the Flame TV Series
We are an educational and entertaining television talk show about Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism and Aboriginal Religions featuring lectures, interviews, music and entertainment from around the world. Friday Nights, 9:00pm Public Access Channel 10 in the Connecticut Valley. Began 2010 and now on the internet in 2013. For more information follow our blog at follow us on Vimeo

About Maxine Sanders:
After thirty-five years actively teaching in training covens Maxine recognizes that the Inner circles of the Craft’s priesthood's have evolved significantly since her Initiation into the Priesthood of Witchcraft in the early sixties!Part of this evolution has involved the Craft becoming widely available to seekers. For many years Maxine had declined to talk publicly about her path; she now feels that times are more conducive to continue her vocation in a more public arena. To this end, Maxine will talk to preferably gentle pagan audiences.Her extensive experience of the Craft gives a unique, poignant and often humorous take on her magical life and practices.

About Wendy Rule:
"Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary, is such and artist. Beat Magazine, Melbourne"

With the release of her fifth full length album, The Wolf Sky, Wendy Rule has firmly established herself as one of Australia's most uniquely gifted and prolific artists. Her music is a passionate union of her incredible voice moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics. Wendy's live performances draw on her love of ritual and theater, enticing her audience into an otherworldly realm of power and Magic. After years of local shows and national tours, Wendy's music is now being recognized internationally. She has recently returned from her 9th tour of the USA, and has also performed in France, Germany, England and Scotland.

Music in the background of the lecture, as well as our introduction song 'Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go' is by Adala 


Note from Lady Maxine Sanders, who gave us the following to be posted from our correspondence:

Regardless of the days of seemingly endless media attention,  the way of the hermit, the working of the magic and the maintaining of the sacred is my chosen path. The public arena is not my forte, hence the rarity of my public appearances. Nowadays I endeavor to make my talks humorous and yet poignant reminding the Craft priesthood of the sanctity of their magic and worship. On having this 'YouTube' talk pointed out to me I was rather surprised to see it in such a public arena; on re appraisal it would seem that the magic will have its way regardless of my reluctance to be part of  modern media.    
 ' preserving the sacred means permitting others to know it even exists,  the sacred is a quieter voice that tends to be drowned out by the louder profane'. 
Please be assured that this particular edited release, 'Initiation' has my full consent.
I respect the work of The Panthean Temple trusting the sacred is treasured by the priesthood within its realm.
Blessed Be
Maxine Sanders

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