Thursday, December 10, 2015

Update December 2015 - Panthean Temple Letter

Hello all,

This letter has been a long time coming, three years in fact. But hey, the temple is 20 years old now and I am getting back in the saddle again. I'm quietly optimistic.

I turned 50 this past June, happy to say goodbye to my 40's which was a constant struggle with everything that transpired. I have had to recover from assault, divorce, losing my store, losing all income, and almost three years of being physically sick from multiple causes - while fighting a medical system that does not care about patients.

It has taken me a long time to recover from all of this, and the physical healing has taken time as well. I have to be careful where I put my energies, and what I put them into even now. Everything for me in my life has been put on hold as a result. I'm almost there, so I am ready to lead again, begin again. I've tried to keep things going as best I could with the temple, and with the help of friends. Financially, I have also been supporting it – I am the primary donor. The last 'large' Beltaine festival we held was during the recession, and costs were more than expected as attendance was low that year. In the end all costs were covered, but drained us. Our festival will take time to rebuild. My health will still need more time to rebuild as well.

I will begin teaching Odyssean Tradition classes to a new student group forming in January. I will no longer be teaching publicly, and instead return to private teaching in Derby. For more information on this tradition, please view our website at or Please write me on Facebook or call me at on voicemail if you are interested.

Keeper of the Flame episodes are still being edited by me, salvaging pieces from the previous show for which I have only a few episodes on VHS. Our new show will continue slowly to come out episode by episode with new footage that I haven't used yet, and a few others are in the works. We will be looking for sponsors for Public Access in CT to also play our show now that we almost have a year's worth of episodes.

On a personal note, I have been published in two anthologies so far, Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul and Voices of Survivors by Namid, but am soon to be published in Grey Mare on the Hill this month. I will post ordering information as soon as I have it.

I am personally available for psychic readings, parties, and graphic design. You can find both SubRosa Magick and Fly By Night Studio on Facebook, and see items for sale on Etsy if you would like to support me and the work I do. I am still rebuilding myself a new career direction that is fully independent.

Do be aware that on the Investigation Discovery Channel, Obsession Dark Desire, season 2 episode 5 Occult following did involve me. I was played by an actress, as were others, and my name was changed to Rev. Chloe Nightingale for legal reasons. It did feature part of my breaking my silence letter I uploaded onto the internet. The situation was real, but barely touches the tip of the iceberg on what transpired at that time. I will hope that other leaders, including those who run PPD locally will reflect on the seriousness and danger of potentially inviting perpetrators to their events; to be more aware of the potential damage they may do to victims of crimes if they are intentionally removed and blamed for being the victim of said crimes. I should mention that if you protect predators in a position of leadership, you put yourself at risk of being directly sued if anything should happen within your organization. Incorporation and insurance will not protect you if you place others in danger knowingly.

I don't wish to be remembered as a victim, or even a survivor, but as someone who fought back and got back up. This television show on Investigation Discovery does vindicate my actions, and those of another, during that awful time. I did the right thing to the best of my ability. Bad things happen to good people, and only the actions of good people can make those things right again.

In addition, I do believe my previous decision to step back from non-devotional Pagan religious groups is correct. So often where there is no devotion, there are no ethics or true regard for that which is sacred. I will not support those groups or individuals. I will focus on my own work.

In all, I'm looking forward to 2016. Onward and upward!

Rev. Alicia L Folberth

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