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KOTF 19: Interview with Raymond Buckland

In this episode Rev. Alicia Folberth interviews author Raymond Buckland, father of American Wicca. This was an interview from the old show, and has been edited from VHS. The Witch's Craft video is by Ms. Julie Carol. Music by Legend from their Playing with Fire DVD and live concert, and Lord of the Greenwood and The Offering are from Raymond Buckland's DVD Witchcraft: Rebirth of the Old Religion

Keepers of the Flame TV Series
We are an educational and entertaining television talk show about Traditional Witchcraft, Paganism and Aboriginal Religions featuring lectures, interviews, music and entertainment from around the world. Friday Nights, 9:00pm Public Access Channel 10 in the Connecticut Valley. Began 2010 and on the internet since 2013. For more information follow our blog at

Raymond Buckland -   In 1962 Raymond Buckland came to the United States from England, where he had written comedy scripts and was personal scriptwriter for a popular British comedian. His first book was published in 1969. Since then he has had well over fifty books published (both fiction and non-fiction), with nearly two million copies in print and translated into seventeen foreign languages. Raymond's newest novel, Cursed in the Act, was released January 2014 from Berkley Prime Crime.
   He has served as Technical Director for movies, working with Orson Wells, John Carradine, Vincent Price, and William Friedkin (director of The Exorcist). Of Romany (Gypsy) descent, he is an authority on Gypsies and has written several books on that subject. Raymond has lectured at colleges and universities across the country and has been the subject of articles in such newspapers and magazines as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, New York Sunday News, National Observer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Look Magazine, Cosmopolitan, True, and many others.
   Raymond has appeared on numerous national radio and television talk shows such as The Virginia Graham Show, The Dick Cavett Show (appearing with Faye Dunaway), The Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show, Barbara Walters' Not For Women Only, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, and has been seen on BBC-TV, England, RAI-TV, Italy, and CBC-TV, Canada. He has appeared extensively on stage in England and played small character parts in movies in America. He has taught courses at colleges and universities and been a featured speaker at conferences and workshops.
His website can be found at:

Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth is the spiritual leader of Panthean Temple in CT. She is the coordinator of Panthean Temple's "Beltaine: A Pagan Odyssey" retreat fest, and other special events dealing with Women's empowerment. An activist of conviction, Alicia is also a professional artist, writer, lecturer, teacher, and the producer of the new cable access television show, "Keepers of the Flame."
    Her writing has been published in two books to date; Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul edited by Patricia Telesco, and Voices of Survivors edited by Namid, both are available on Her advice tarot column "It's in the cards" has been featured in Finer Things Magazine and on She is also a contributor to Grey Mare on the Hill to be published in December 2015. Although long overdue, Rev. Alicia is in the process of writing and illustrating her own first book, which is a series of guided meditations and journeys.
   To see her artwork and design, please visit and 
Her psychic readings and online store can be found at, and
    Panthean Temple website: 

The Witch's Craft by MsJulieCarol (Julie Conrads) is an artist, poet and practitioner of The Old Ways of Witchcraft. Some of her poems about Spirituality, the life of the Wise Woman, the Moon and the symbolic meaning of the eight Sabbats can be seen in her videos. Her videos have been featured at festivals and events like The Witch's Ball in FL, on countless websites and blogs and played in spiritual shops such as 'Charmed in New England' in Marlborough, MA. Not considered Wiccan, she prefers to dream of a planet with no religion where kindness, conducting our lives with excellence and the way we treat each other as paramount to believing in theology.
You can follow her on YouTube at:

Pipes of Pan by LEGEND
   Originally released on Video in 1993 ‘Playing with Fire’ features Legend in concert in October 1992. Only recently re-discovered the original analogue audio tapes have been resurrected and are released here for the first time on CD.
   Playing with Fire features the band after the ‘Light in Extension’ tour with the then new line up. Six of the eight tracks from their debut CD ‘Light in Extension’ alongside early versions of tracks from ‘Second Sight’ and the added bonus of Toccata & Blues combine to make this a memorable snapshot of Legend’s early career.
   This is a prog band with a concentration on power rock, great interplay between keyboards and rock guitars (think a far more modern sounding Uriah Heep with the emphasis on the keys as opposed to the guitars). You will be blown away by the sheer power and might of the band in concert. Somehow singer Debbie Chapman managed to soar above it all, there may have been melodic chaos going on but her clear and powerful vocals float above it all.

Our introduction song 'Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go' is by Adala:
More Episodes are Coming!
Older epsiodes are still being edited into a digital format. New episodes to come. Stay tuned!

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