Monday, January 21, 2013

What's new?

I know so many of you have been quietly waiting for me to come back and step into the strong role of leading in the community once more. I've had multiple life issues, including recovering from a car accident and severe health issues which I am still in the process of working on, but I am returning to full service once more. Part of this is the television show, which began originally as a previous show that aired in many areas of Connecticut under the banner of the Panthean Temple.

Keepers of the Flame is truly now the Panthean Temple's show, and as its producer, I have full creative control. I wanted to create a show that would bring our spiritual traditions up to a platform that represents us well, and educates and enriches our own people as well as the general public. This first step of placing it on the internet is a giant step forward for us all. I have often felt that far too often, the wrong people choose to represent us in our communities publicly, so let that change begin with our small temple. I am seeking out the voices of of Elders, leaders, and authors that will be preserved for future generations, and bring our religions into the future. We are also undergoing something of a cultural renaissance as so many musicians, artists and writers lend their voice to our growing numbers, and are becoming successful doing so. No longer are we in the shadows, we must carry the torch for the sake of future generations.

Each show will be edited and added to the internet, one by one. Although I am a graphic designer, I am learning the new software to do video editing and animation. I also expect our little team will grow, as we add more talented people and combine talents with others who also have television shows.

Please consider donating to our temple so we can continue this work. Unless we have a generous benefactor, it will still be many years until we have land and a building. They are very expensive in the Fairfield and New Haven Counties. We rent land and buildings for festivals and rituals, and so much of our money over the years has gone to support others. I personally have supported it out of my own pocket for many years, and was no longer able to due so in a recession. Truly, I look forward to the day when our temple rests on the shoulders of many good people rather than squarely on my own. Help us make this dream a reality.

This blog is in the process of being created, as is the TV show, so pardon our appearance to start. The first episode should be available on the internet next week.

Many blessings,
Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth
Panthean Temple

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