Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go!

I have loved Adala's music from the first time I heard her sing an original song at a Pagan spiritualist church years ago. She has an amazing gift, and she's totally professional. the song for our show "Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go" is from her Dancing Naked CD, available from CD Baby. I think it's totally perfect for us and our show. Support her and buy a copy!

Kind words about her CD:

"Lovely Pagan-themed CD. Many of the songs would be good to use in Circle or as chants. Adala has an earthy, pleasant voice, great for this type of music, and she wrote all of the tracks herself."

"A true magical masterpiece. Her music will encircle you with the power and love of the Goddess. Her haunting voice sends chills up my spine each and every time I listen. An absolute must for your music library."
"Myth, magic, a pure sensory experience. The music on this cd is organically beautiful and intriguing. Each song holds a sense of mystery and invokes power. The vocals are amazing as well especially when they are overlayed with a mixture of harmony and chants. A must for anyone interested in truly magical music."

Adala at our Beltaine: A Pagan Odyssey festival

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