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KOTF 9: Interview with Joseph FireCrow

Interview with Joseph FireCrow by Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth, with footage from his concert at the Winsted Green.

Keepers of the Flame TV Series
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"The natural beauty of the flute evokes very powerful emotions. The traditional flute is social, not ceremonial, in nature and should always be treated with that in mind and spirit."
-Joseph FireCrow

Joseph Fire Crow is a Cheyenne flutist. In 1992, Fire Crow recorded the album, The Mist. Two years later, in 1994, he released a second self-produced recording, Rising Bird. These recordings were once sold only at concerts. Within 5 years of producing the first CD, Joseph got his first award and it has not stopped.

 "The very first time I heard the flute, I was a young boy living on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation located in southeastern Montana. Grover Wolfvoice was the flute man playing this wonderful music. The music was beautiful to my ears, yet it scared me. There was much poverty and depression at that time. The sound of the flute touched my heart, where there was much pain and uncertainty. Through all of the hardships of reservation life, the beauty and wonder of our homeland beckoned to me."
-Joseph FireCrow

The music of the native American Flute has great meaning- it touches the soul. Joe FireCrow has opened a world of tradition with his artistry in building and playing the flute. His flutes are reviving the art of flute playing for a new generation.

The Northern Cheyenne wooden flute is a flourishing tradition. The songs of the flute are called "wolf songs." The love, passion, and affection can be heard and experienced when FireCrow, plays his flute or sings one of the ancient songs of his people. His performances are highly educational, with a strong message of love and respect for all human beings.

Telly Award, Elfie's Eye, 1999/ /Creator's Prayer (Fire Crow)
Best of Short Takes 2000, Today's Librarian (Cheyenne Nation)
2003 NAMA Songwriter of the Year (Legend of the Warrior)
Flutist of the Year, Indian Summer Music Awards 2004 (Legend of the Warrior)
2005 NAMA Best Instrumental Recording/Parmly's Dream 2005 (Signature)
NAMA Flutist of the Year 2006 (Red Beads)
Best New Age Album, 52nd Annual GRAMMYTM Awards (Prayer for Compassion, David Darling)
Flutist of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2010,(Face the Music)
Artist of the Year, NAMMY Awards, 2010 (Face the Music)

Best Native American Music Album, 43rd Annual GRAMMYTM Awards (Cheyenne Nation)
Artist of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2001 (Cheyenne Nation)
Flutist of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2001 (Cheyenne Nation)
Best Male Artist, NAMMY Awards 2003 (Legend of the Warrior)
Flutist of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2003 (Legend of the Warrior)
Best Male Artist 2006 (Red Beads)
Best New Age Album, 50th Annual GRAMMYTM Awards (Faces of the Sun, Peter Kater)
Record of the Year, NAMMY Awards, 2010 (Face the Music)
Song/Single of the Year, NAMMY Awards 2010,(Face the Music)
Best New Age Recording, NAMMY Awards 2010 (Face the Music)

Our introduction song 'Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go' is by Adala:

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