Thursday, March 14, 2013

KOTF 3: Interview with Lady Zanoni Silverknife

Interview with Lady Zanoni Silverknife by Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth
Educational Piece on Raising the Power
Music and concert footage from Wendy Rule, Wyld Olde Souls, and Omnia
Will air in the Valley March 29th, Comcast channel 10, 9pm

Zanoni Silverknife is the first Georgian Priestess. In late December 1971, she along with her best friend Tanith, joined with George Patterson to start the "Georgian" Tradition. It is a tradition that seems to have many tributaries today, but also has maintained at least three Traditionalist branches. For the Silverknife Line, Zanoni has created a solid structure for training proper persons in the three degree system and has maintained the true core of the Georgian Tradition for posterity. She has also created a Core Book of Shadows from several Georgian Initiates Books in order to capture as much of Patterson's Book as possible, his being lost to Georgians after his death.
Zanoni is Elder in several other Wiccan (Gardnerian, NECTW, 1734) and Pagan traditions such as NRDNA and enjoys the variety and uniqueness from such a mélange. She is always moving, growing, learning and refining herself and her life. Along with continuing to teach in both Craft and Nordic ways, she manages a budding art career and writes many stories for her grandchildren. She is also working on several books, some for publication, some that will only be dispersed to Traditional Georgian Elders or StarBornSothis Initiates.
She is a charter member of COG (Covenant of the Goddess,) and has helped to facilitate many public circles, and worked diligently in any number of organizations for pagans, such as ERCA (Earth Religions Cultural Association.) In her travels, Zanoni has brought the Craft to many people across the United States. She continues to be a vital force for the Craft and her beloved Gods and Goddesses.

With the release of her fifth full length album, The Wolf Sky, Wendy Rule has firmly established herself as one of Australia's most uniquely gifted and prolific artists. Her music is a passionate union of her incredible voice moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics. Wendy's live performances draw on her love of ritual and theater, enticing her audience into an otherworldly realm of power and Magic. After years of local shows and national tours, Wendy's music is now being recognized internationally. She has recently returned from her 9th tour of the USA, and has also performed in France, Germany, England and Scotland.


The Wyld Olde Souls are a female-fronted psychedelic folk band from New York City who mesh medieval and world music influences with their passion for late 60s British folk rock.  Their album Ensoulment (My Generation Productions, 2011) has received numerous 5-star reviews.  Currently, the band is nominated for two Hollywood in Music Media Awards.  They received a nomination for Best Folk Group by The Indie Music Channel Awards and have been one of the Hot Artists on both the Folk and World music charts at
The Wyld Olde Souls are Ivy Vale (lead vocals, guitar, hand percussion), Rick Reil (vocals, electric & acoustic lead guitar, bouzouki), Melissa Davis (vocals, hand percussion), Kristin Pinell Reil (vocals, flute, guitar, mandolin), and Naren Budhakar (tablas). Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell Reil are also members of the critically acclaimed New Jersey psychedelic power pop band The Grip Weeds (Rainbow Quartz-Wicked Cool Records). Naren Budhakar has studied with renowned tabla maestro Samir Chatterji and performed with a wide range of eastern and western artists including Terry Riley, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Alms for Shanti, and La Monte Young.

The bohemian PaganFolk band "OMNIA" revolves around the many varied compositions, stories and musical abilities of Jenny and Steve Sic Evans van der Harten. Together with their band consisting of the handsome pagan "guitar hero" Philip Steenbergen (guitars), crazy Didgeman Daphyd Crow (slideridoo, vocals and percussion), Rob van Barschot (drums and percussion) and assisted by their amazing live-crew, they tour throughout Europe and beyond.

Music to our introduction song 'Take Me Down Where the Pagans Go' is by Adala:

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